History of Still Waters

Dr. Caren R Moore

Caren R. Moore, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Owner   [email protected]

Still Waters Consulting Group was initially developed in an effort to coordinate and collaborate with public and private agencies and schools to meet the health and mental health needs of children and adolescents. Still Waters believes in the multidisciplinary approach to strengthening and empowering families and providing evidence-based and developmentally appropriate services to children and adolescents to foster positive, overall well-being.

Today, Still Waters has grown tremendously to serve not only children adolescents, and their families, but also young adults, adults, and more seasoned adults in their prime. Still Waters is a rapidly growing family of mental health clinicians that share a similar vision-Educating, Equipping, and Empowering our communities!

The Still Waters team is comprised of health and mental health professionals such as licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and nurse practitioners who are dedicated to providing evidence-based and developmentally appropriate  interventions to children, families, and communities. With data driven decision -making as the cornerstone of our therapeutic and consultative processes, we are sure we can assist you in meeting your personal and organizational needs. Contact one of our highly knowledgeable consultants today for your personal, school, or organizational needs!

Dr. Caren R. Moore, Owner and President of Still Waters Consulting Group, is an Arkansas native and licensed psychologist who specializes in psychological assessments, psychoeducational assessments and interventions, educational consultation, family therapy, couples therapy, individual therapy, home- and school-based behavior plans, and group therapy. Dr. Moore earned her doctorate from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Educational and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in School Psychology. Dr. Moore has extensive experience collaborating with school districts and agencies to develop academic programs, implement positive behavior supports, increase family engagement, and provide professional development opportunities for key stakeholders in schools and in communities.

Educate. Equip. Empower.

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